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Our program is the most established All Star Cheerleading Program in Palm Beach County with over 12 years of experience training some of the most competitive teams in the Nation.  Since our inception in 2005, Palm Beach Ligtning AllStars focus has been solely on the sport of All Star Cheerleading.  That singular focus is what has made us a highly successful, competitive program that is a leader in Florida AllStar Cheerleading.  With over 500 team trophies, including 300+ national rankings, 2 NCA National Championship Titles, 3 UCA International Titles, and in 2015  REACHING THE PEAK with our Junior Level 1 team winning the BRONZE at The Summit, we are one of the most highly ranked cheerleading programs the Southeast has to offer.  PBL provides quality training with an emphasis on perfection before progression. Our mission is to help each of our athletes become positive, productive adults by helping to instill confidence, self-esteem, a strong work ethic and pride in being a part of a team.  It is our goal that every child who walks through our doors and becomes a part of our family will leave as a confident, well rounded adult whose life was enriched by the lasting relationships they built and the pride they have in themselves for having been a part of Palm Beach Lightning. 

Our program is designed to be rigorous and produces some of the most talented athletes in the entire state.  We are known for our top notch coaching staff who are some of the most respected in the industry as well as our strong bonds and team unity.  Our coaches push our athletes to accomplish their goals and to perform at their very best. It is their duty to ensure that each team is able compete to the best of their ability with a sense of pride in a job well done.  

All of our coaches are USASF Certifed and are extremely knowledgeable in the sport of allstar cheerleading, having competed as athletes in some of the countries top allstar programs themselves.  

Although we have several teams within our program, we believe that EVERY team is as important as the next and we ensure that each team gets the attention and time that they deserve. Our athletes, our coaches, our owners and our parents all understand that although Palm Beach Lightning is made up of several individual teams, we are ONE GYM!  Whether you've never cheered before or you are an experienced cheerleader, we have a team for you.  If you are dedicated, hard working and have the desire to be the best of the best then Palm Beach Lightning is the place for you!  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! 

Our successes lie, not in the trophies we bring home but, in the relationships we build.

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